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Sometimes I think some pretty deep thoughts...

Sometimes I think happy thoughts!

Sometimes I couldn't quite hear you.

Could you repeat that?

Sometimes I'm mildly surprised.

Sometimes I wonder if you guys heard that too?

We should split up and check this out.

I'll go with the girls, you take the dog...

Sometimes I try to keep my mouth shut.

Sometimes I wish I had kept my mouth shut...

Sometimes I'm okay with that.

Sometimes I put paint on my face.

Sometimes I have paint on my face, and I'm cool about it.

Rock on brother. Rock on...

Sometimes I'm happy with paint on my face.

(People seem to think this isn't a happy smile... but, what do they know?)

Sometimes I have paint on my face, and am a little silly.

Sometimes I'm just me.

Also, sometimes I wear this hat!

One more time around??


Let's Go!

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