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Knowing you made the right descision… Priceless

Knowing you made the right descision… Priceless

12:18 26 July in Hosting

Before this site came online yesterday, I used to use another site, hosted at Godaddy. The service with them was fine for a long time, up until about the beginning of this year.  At a certain point, I couldn’t load files half of the time.  I would get these random disconnects.  I’m not even sure they would qualify as timeouts, its like the line would just go dead, with no reason why from the server.  I thought it was my computer, or my ISP, but when it began to happen in the office as well as home, I knew the problem was on their end.

I wrote a letter detailing the problem, and said to the effect ‘don’t tell me its my computer, because its not just my computer, but also my work machine, and don’t tell me its my ISP, because I don’t have the same ISP at work, don’t tell me its the program, because I have tried in multiple programs, and don’t tell me its my firewall, cause again, I’ve tried from behind different firewalls.’

The letter I got back from them was along the lines of  ‘please check your setting in Dreamweaver and your firewall’…

So… NEW HOST!  I’m on Host Monster now, and one day in, I’m very happy.  I can load files and not get kicked off for no reason.  This is especially important for all the PHP i write these days.  I need this stuff on a server, and don’t have time to wait.  The funny part was, when i went to load a modified index.php file to redirect my oldsite over here from godaddy (i’m not disconnecting them just yet)… it disconnected on me again!  I am feeling pretty good about this move already.

As i go, I’ll let you all know how these guys do.  I don’t recommend Godaddy shared hosting for anything.  Their dedicated servers are fine… if you can afford them.  But if you have to share a box with 10,000 other sites, its not worth it to go with them anymore.

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