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General Update

General Update

07:41 21 April in General

As busy as I am with work and fatherhood, I have a moment today where I thought I would give an update on my recent activities.

Lately I’ve been doing more JavaScript, which has really broadened my mind.  My most recent work is this new contact page for Smarter Agent’s MLS inquiries. Using JS and PHP, I built a dynamic form to send mail without loading a new window.

Smarter Agent MLS Contact Form

Smarter Agent MLS Contact Form

JavasScript is used to validate  all of the form fields, with some form validation by PHP after the submit button is checked.  It took a good afternoon, and was lots of fun.

I’ve been using JS to build new downloaders for Smarter Agent’s Homes for Sale mobile application.  Recently I’ve been doing more downloaders for mobile devices, which require a broad set of considerations.  Given the variety of phones, and their differing capabilities, you can’t  rely on one way of doing things.  The iPhone is a very capable device to design for, but obviously Flash is out of the question.  Android is also quite nice, but seems to lack JavaScript in application browser windows (meaning a browser window opened by an Android application.  The Android browser by itself is very capable.).  Palm is excellent as well, but older model Blackberry devices and not-so-smartphones require the most basic of codes.

This week has been dedicated to more mobile oriented work than I normally do, but its been fun.  Hopefully in a few weeks time I will have every mobile solution I need.  Thats what I love about my job.  There is no end of problems to solve, and I can learn something new everyday.

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