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Cleinman Performance Partners has a new website

Cleinman Performance Partners has a new website

00:15 29 January in General

Since my last post, which I know was some time ago, I’ve started a new position with a consulting firm in Upstate New York, near where I was born and raised.  When I left Upstate at the age of 18 for college, I knew I was going to be gone for a long time, but I also knew I was always going to come home.  Last year, the stars aligned, and I found a job very close to my hometown, where I could move home with my wife and 1 year old son, and give him the same life in the woods that I had growing up.

This was no mean feat.  Finding a position as a developer away from an urban area is tricking, but I found Cleinman Performance Partners.  An optometrist consulting company, CPP helps medical professionals of that certain bend be more successful, and in fulfilling that task they decided to invest in me to give them an edge most companies don’t have in house.  Their unique needs and drive led them to the conclusion that a mere webmaster, or web design company, wasn’t enough.

I’ve been here since September, and the challenges have been thrilling.  I have complete latitude to make all the technical determinations necessary to make this website a success, and I have been able to put out some of my finest work to date.  I hope this is a trend that continues for a long while.

Cleinman Performance Partners

Cleinman Performance Partners

The design is derived from what existed when I began working there. I cleaned up the layout, added some subtle effects, and replaced all flash elements with jQuery derived scripts. The company that designed and built the site initially… well, they did a very bad job technically. There was a Coldfusion based proprietary CMS in place to manage the site… It was broken. It was also duplicated so many times from client to client that it was a giant security hazard, whose database still contained active user credentials for dozens of other websites… The initial charge for that site was astronomical, and took 6 months to deliver a broken and insecure system.

My replacement was Open Source, took 2 weeks, and has vastly improved security.

There are many facets to the site, so many at this point to cover them all I will wait for other posts, but this has been my real jump into JavaScript as a powerful weapon in my arsenal. I’ve been getting deeper into client-side scripting over the past few years, but now I derive true joy and achieve excellent results. I have also gotten much deeper into jQuery and a little bit into MooTools. I am at the point where I can’t think of the next time I will need to use Flash again in the foreseeable future. And good riddance. (I kid… kinda.)

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