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Thomas V. Microsoft

Thomas V. Microsoft

20:45 15 May in Microsoft, Thomas Stuart Hall for President of Microsoft

This is one of my Facebook pages.

It is in good humor, not that I wouldn’t take a job offer seriously mind you. (<cough/>)

I am not a real MS basher, not in the ‘I hate Microsoft’ sense anyways.  MS delivered some strong technology, and truly their innovation has brought us to where we are now.  They didn’t invent the personal computer, nor did they ‘perfect’ it.  What they did do was to help make the personal computer ubiquitous. There are only very few people I know that don’t have a computer.  And over 95% of the people I do know own some variety of a Windows box.  So… kudos.

My problem with MS these days is that they are so far behind the curve with every branch of personal computing.  Its one thing to point and laugh, like I do with Blackberry.  I love watching the mighty fall.  My issue with them being so far behind, is that their technology has been so widely adopted, that it seems to me that they are holding the rest of the world back.  They are like some leviathan, thrashing about, clearing dying, but too large to do anything about.

This is a result of them having done great works in the past.  It’s just that they aren’t doing great works anymore, and they haven’t for a long while.  Oh, the stuff they turn out these days is acceptable, just merely so.  Windows 8 I hear is an OK operating system.  I hear that from 1 person however.  I know exactly 2 people who own  copy.  1 loves it, 1 hates it.

Windows Phone? I have no real idea.  I read reviews, good and bad, and ‘meh’, but I don’t actually know anyone whose bought one.  I am not an early adopter of hardware.  I wait until I hear enough of my friends say good things about something before I’m ready to invest time.

It is my contention that the problem with Microsoft is Steve Ballmer.   He is the wrong man to head such an enterprise.  He is a business man, not a tech man.  Gates did know the tech, but only to a point.  He lacked the kind of imagination it takes in the computer world today (“How could you need more than a gig?“), even though he had foresight in the 80’s and 90’s.  But Ballmer…  is not even Gates.

For 13 years now we have received ‘acceptable’ products from MS.  Now however we get dated ideas, which is silly considering some of the patents they are sitting on.  We’re talking about a company that introduces tablet devices years before Apple.  And again, the worst part of this is that they are too large to die quietly and quickly for me.  If, IF, they had a major change in leadership, and brought a true visionary into play, who knows not only tech, but modern demands made of technology, would they have a chance to survive.  I’ll give you pretty good odds though that you will see some major change in the next few years where he will be removed from the picture.  It may be a nice ‘retirement’ sort of thing, but underneath, he will be getting pushed out.

Maybe, just maybe, if you like my page, that might happen sooner 😉


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