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A midnight ride

A midnight ride

22:31 21 August in Life

When I was thirteen someone stole my BMX bike. The following Christmas my grandparents gave me a 10 speed, because they knew I missed that bike, or even just having one at all.

I rode that bike all over the valley for 5 years, until I left for college. The bike stayed in the barn from that time until now, some 19 years later.

I fixed the tires, have yet to clean up the dust and grime, but got her running again. I took a night time bike ride around Gilbertsville just now, under a full moon.

Man, I live a beautiful life in a beautiful place.

It’s easy to lose sight of that basic fact when one works constantly. The job has been demanding lately, and the house has been crushing. I have said often since July “I’ll be done soon”, but it just keeps going on, this work. I’ve sustained several minor injuries, most recently last night. I often feel beaten and bruised, particularly tonight, and sometimes I run completely out of steam.

It’s been worth it. The house needed it. And so did I. I’m physically stronger now, and healthier for it.

And for all of this work, this massive recovery effort, I find great things, like a bike to enjoy again after so many years.

Man, I live a beautiful life in a beautiful place.

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