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A much better month

A much better month

19:22 15 November in Life

Since my last update, there have been several changes for the better concerning my circumstances.  I’ve moved my family into a far better living situation, in an absolutely gorgeous house (rental).  This place has all the trimmings, and is really an elegant and roomy home for us all.

At work I’ve had the time to devote to my biggest project, although it is not without its difficulties.  I’m currently rewriting a financial analysis system that we call The Benchmarking system.  It does charts and graphs of related to operating a business, allowing us to advise people on how to manage their endeavors.  My struggles here come from having to take older code meant for one set of technology, and adapt it into another.

Originally this project was supposed to be a ‘brain transplant’; putting the core functions of the system into a newer body.  However, as these things tend to go, its ended up being more of a rewrite than I had intended.  Its frustrating, but the newer technology is much more efficient, and user friendly.  This is Version 3 of the system, and I’m very hopeful, if not excited, that it will be received well.

The system does more than charts and graphs, and while I have expanded on that aspect of it, I’ve also been working to augmenting its other functions for usability.  I don’t go into this work in too much detail, as the system is closed to select customers, but my focus here is on an excellent mobile experience, with some new functions to improve use on the desktop, as well as better cross user collaboration.

I’m falling more and more into JavaScript these days.  PHP and MySQL are still at the core, but JS really makes a program pop.  I do NOT miss the days of Flash.  May that program rest in peace.

In other news, Microsoft released Internet Explorer 11… and no one cared.

And with that, I hope you all have a great weekend!


  • Amy 11:08h, 16 November Reply

    So glad everything worked out for you guys! It was an honor to be able to help you during a time when you certainly needed help. My goal for the coking months is to have you, Tracey and the kids over more to mingle. Love you all.
    PS I wish I new what you were talking about with the computer business. But I still care. 😉

  • Amy 11:09h, 16 November Reply

    Coming not coking months. I figured you realized that but just wanted to redeem myself. Just say no kids.

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