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From dusk to darn near dawn

From dusk to darn near dawn

10:09 23 April in Photography, Timelapse

Last night was my longest attempt at time-lapse photography since I got my new power supply and larger CF memory card.  I made one boo-boo, and the camera made one boo-boo… I guess we are even…

I set the camera up in my attic, looking out the rear window over the yard in the late afternoon.  The intention was to let it roll for at least 24 hours.  I leave the camera, an old Canon 20D, in manual most of the time, but I used an automatic setting so it could balance itself, while leaving the lens on manual focus.  Unfortunately I left it in the portrait mode, causing the flash to kick on shortly after sunset.  I was excited for a little while there, as I glanced out the window to see a flash and thought “OH!  Maybe I’ll get lucky and get a shot of lightning!”

Soooo…. That didn’t work out.  When I realized what I’d done I softly padded up the attic stairs and changed the mode, then left the camera to its business… Which it did until 5:17AM this morning when an unspecified communications error occurred with the CF card, and the shooting ceased.

The footage that did come through was promising however.  Early in the shoot a hail storm blew through the valley, which was neat.  Sunrise looked like it would have been cool too, but alas, it was not to be.

(There is a very noticable blip after sunset where you can see I’ve shut the flash off. 😛 )

And, as I tend to do, here are 2 versions where I just sort of play with the footage.  😉

A Time Blend effect has been added, causing each frame to merge.

Time has been remapped down to 10 seconds.

I have another timed session running currently (which I should go check on, huh?), so maybe i’ll have something neat to show later.  I’ll spend time working on the site for now, and otherwise enjoying the latter half of my vacation.

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