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Walking around

Walking around

07:55 30 April in Photography

As far as photography goes, its really important that everyone know I’m a novice, and don’t claim to be anything more than a hobbyist.  I do have a history with photography, having started my career in a photo studio, but I was a photo editor of sorts, not a photographer.  Oh, I can choose a good picture, fix a bad picture, alter a picture into something it never was, but taking pictures wasn’t my thing.  I was all out output and process, and getting jobs polished and finished for clients.

It wasn’t until many years later, with dabbling here and there, that I decided to take it seriously.

I may offer advice on it, but it would be far from expert.  If there is one thing I could say that an enthusiast might take to heart it would be to always have your camera with you.  Photography is about a moment and opportunity.  You will cross moments all the time, but opportunity requires a camera, now doesn’t it?

The other afternoon while going about my day at work, errands, then home, I had my camera around my neck.  You look at the world differently after you do this for a while.  You’ll scan your surroundings, consider all angles, digest the light and color around you.  Maybe you see something interesting, maybe mundane, but these are moments from your point of view.  Here are a few of mine.

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