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Attempted Watercolor

Attempted Watercolor

12:07 06 May in Art, Painting, Watercolor

The other night I took to my shop and tried to paint one of my favorite pictures in watercolor.

Note the word “Attempted” in the title…  I consider it a first attempt.  Its been a very long time since I’d tried my hand at water color painting, which I’m trying to keep in mind when looking at the result.

While I’m not very proud of it, I’m posting it that I can keep further attempts in perspective.

In Other News...

IMG_3234I have pink eye… and am very unhappy about that.

I’m stuck at home, sequestered from my family, and annoyed.  Yesterday I wanted to claw my own eye out it was bothering me so badly.  Today I’m slightly better, but I really hate being stuck at home.

I did end up with one good picture from yesterday, one which I myself did not take.  This would be a picture taken by my doctor, who put a dye in my eye to check for physical damage.  No scratches or abrasions were discovered thankfully, and my doc was kind enough to take the picture, which was totally not his job.

I hope my normal life can resume in the morning.  When I’m forced to spend too much time alone… I get a little weird.  Well, weirder anyways.

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