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Tom’s Day Off – Part 1

Tom’s Day Off – Part 1

11:53 27 May in Photography

I took the Tuesday off after Memorial Day, and decided to use it for something creative.  I’ve an array of options in this regard, but photography was the option I choose around 10 in the morning, after having enough coffee to get my mind moving.

I’ll be presenting this in 3 parts, this part being No Plan.

Well, I had a little bit of a plan:

  1. Pack the camera bag
  2. Get in the car
  3. At any fork in the road, take the path that goes up hill

I probably at most made it about 25 miles from my house, but to cover  that distance I took back roads in a serpentine fashion for about 4 hours, and a half a tank of gas.  I grew up in this area, so know my way around, but I ended up on roads I’d never been before in my life.  The world is bigger than you think, even in your own backyard.

I didn’t generate my typical thousands of images.  Maybe I took about 50, and of those I only deemed 8 worth sharing, and only 1 to be truly good.  The drive itself was worth it however.  No plan, just looking for a nice scene.  As a bonus my mental map of the region in which I live is a bit more complete that it was before starting out.

The above were taken with my Canon 20D, with the exception of the panoramic shot, which was taken using an iPhone6.

And below is what I consider to be the best shot of the day.


So, that was my unplanned afternoon taking pictures.  Next will be what happens when I have a plan…

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