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Tom’s Day Off – Part 3

Tom’s Day Off – Part 3

17:41 28 May in Art, Photography

In part one, I had no plan.  I did have a plan in part two.  In part 3 I relied on suggestion.

After playing with the light and exposure on the still life, my wife suggested I use the macro lens for a bit.  This was nice as it gave another dimension to consider.

If the last series was the Playboy of floral shots, then get ready for the Hustler version…

Same flowers, but much much closer.  I’m still using the 28/80 lens here, so you know, its tasteful.  Classy even. but wait…

There we go!  Now were into it!  A little something for everyone.  Petals spread wide for some Hot pistil and stamen action.  Check out the stigma in the last picture.  It’s HUGE!  Hey, I don’t know what your into, but you have to admit that’s impressive.  Of course the anther on that lily might be a bit over the top, but I’m not going to judge you if that’s your thing.  To each his own I always say.

Anyways…. as I was going about the night shots something wonderful happened.  I began to know what the picture was going to look like before I took it.  It was a slow process, but by the time I was done  I could see far more clearly the end result in my mind before pushing the button.

This was of course a limited test still, but that I think is an important step.  When I started painting it was a while before how I knew how my medium was going to react given type of paint, thinning agent, brush, and canvas type, but after a while this knowledge is burned in, and you don’t have to actively think about it to use it.  I consider it a very important step in the development of any skill, and it marks moments where further development can begin.

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