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HDR Testing

HDR Testing

08:14 04 June in Photography

High Dynamic Range…

I heard something a few weeks ago while talking about photography at my favorite hangout; that no camera can replicate the human eye.  I know this to be true, from all of my time in the visual arts.  Your eyes see more clearly than anything can represent.  HDR imaging is a technological attempt at achieving what you can do naturally.

The long and short of it is, you take a few pictures of varying exposures, and use a computer to merge them together to create a single image from them with a greater color range than any one picture might have.  Newer cameras, such as my the one on my iPhone, have the capability to do this built in, but there are techniques to do this manually, if you have the right software.

Here are the photos I took for this particular experiment:

All of those images were taken using the same camera at dusk, secured on a tripod, using a shutter release moments apart, at various lengths from a fraction of a second, up to 15 seconds on 100 ISO.

In the end I used PhotoShop to merge them into this:

To much? Not enough?  I can’t tell whats over the top sometimes.  I’ll be playing with this idea a bit more to find out I suppose.

(Also, the dust that has accumulated on my sensor is now officially driving me mad…  Will have to see to that.)

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