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Sunday Drive

Sunday Drive

12:00 11 June in Photography

Enamored with the area from my last drive, I went on another this past weekend.  I took Cy with me this time (whose been mention enough that he probably deserves his own page… let me think on that…), which was wonderful, but slightly problematic.

I didn’t get to stop as much as I wanted, as a lot of the places I wanted to shoot weren’t weren’t safe for a 6 year old.  He also got scared when I told him we were lost.  Now see, I like being lost.  When I go out like this it is with the intention of exploring, and finding things I’ve never seen before.  He, however, didn’t like to hear that his father had no idea where he was, despite promises that I could find my way back when the time was right.  When we drove into the woods he insisted we were going to be eaten by bears, however we were not eaten by a single bear.  Not one.  I hope he feels silly.

Because of this, I have only 2 pictures from the drive.  Both are HDR, but I really would like to go back and shoot more of the recliner in the woods.  The problem with that is that because we were lost I’m not quite sure how to get back…

We did get to take a couple of nice shots by a waterfall outside of town.

I set my rig up and took several, and combined them into an HDR image.  The falls themselves are lovely, but again problematic if you ahve a child with you.  I very much wanted to climb down in them, but I could not risk that with him there.

I promised that I would take him there again in a few years, but I did get this picture of the small reservoir behind the falls.

This is an HDR image composite as well, several images taken and assembled digitally to create a color range that normally would be missed.

Finally, back at the house, we switched to bubbles.  Sometimes its the little things in life, ya know?

It was a pretty good weekend, all in all.  I got to spend quality time with my son, which I love.

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