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Giraffe tree cave painting modernist retro dada*

Giraffe tree cave painting modernist retro dada*

21:57 02 July in Art

(*A title so long that I’m sure it blew out my title section.  Also, named by Kit Clark himself.)

This afternoon at the office artist Kit Clark came in to guide us on crafting ‘visioning statements’ for our company, Cleinman Performance Partners. Without getting too specific, these collages were to help represent what we think of our company.

I honestly cannot recall the last time I did a collage… High school, maybe? I can say going in that I had little idea of what I’d be doing. In the days leading up to this I spent a little time looking at the phrases we were given, going through magazines and sifting pictures online, and despite that I sat down at the table cold, without a single idea or plan.

Photography has two sides to it, intention and opportunity, which to me means you have either a really good plan or just good luck. When I draw, paint or sculpt I always have a plan (probably pathologically), an idea to be crafted from whatever medium I choose. Collage is tough, man…

Tools? Easy. Hands to tear, scissors to cut, razor for precision, glue to adhere, and a board to paste to… Then there are the magazines. That’s the tricky part. It’s like rolling the dice. You have piles of magazines to sift through, but unless you are completely familiar with every issue in those stacks, how can you have a plan??? And why is that frustrating to me???

I sat, sifted, looked at the words, and started very slowly to form an idea. I’d cut more pictures than I’d end up using, tossing a few as the idea came into shape. This is what I came up with in the end:

I’m going to rated as ‘Not Bad’. But certainly not as good as Kit’s more practiced hand. The day itself was good. Last day before the holiday, and my co-workers and I had a good time. Moments like these are good for a team.

Please stop by and check out Kit Clark’s work on his Instagram. He has such a good eye and soul for the work.

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