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Art in a New Year!

Art in a New Year!

23:20 08 December in Ceramics, Courses, Workshops

One of the highlights of these past two years was getting a shop space of my own to practice art in again, however going into the next year I cannot sit on that boon.  I must get ready for art in the coming new year.

I’ve decided on breaking from all extra activities outside of family and work until 2016, just as a means to reset and refresh myself.  But in the coming year I want to try some things I’ve had little exposure to, or revive some old skills long dormant.  A friend passed word to me about two upcoming classes in the area for ceramics (Yay!), but I unfortunately cannot attend them just yet (Boo!).

However I’d like to pass these classes on to people in the area that might be able to attend them and find an outlet for creativity, so here is what’s coming up folks!

If I had my druthers (look it up), I’d attend both of those classes.  Time, alas, is not on my side, what with work and children.  I do recommend attending one or both of these workshops, or gifting them to a friend this holiday.

Ceramics is such a relaxing yet focused art form.  It is at once tactile, oft intensive, yet freeform.   In college I acted as unofficial lab monitor for that class, even though it wasn’t my focus.  With practice and good instruction ceramics are a wonderful way to engage the mind, yet take time on something that is almost meditative, and leave with something beautiful for your home.

I hope to spent time at The Smithy Center for the Arts in the coming year, and it is my holiday wish that you all do as well.

Just so you have the means, you can reach out to The Smithy via:

The Smithy Clay Studio

I’ll be posting 2 more items to this site to close out the year.  Thank you to everyone who has followed and messaged me.  It lets me know my work is not wasted on just myself. (Although I’m fine with that too.  The work should please the artist at the very least, right?)

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