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Dream Last Night

Dream Last Night

10:04 28 January in Dreams

I rarely remember my dreams, unless they are startling or outright nightmares.  Last night I awoke at 4AM with this burned in my memory…

We were in Oneonta, where I work.  I don’t know who was with me, sometimes it was my wife, sometimes it was a woman and child, sometimes a group of strangers.  It was just a sense that someone was by my side, and we were running.

Starting on Main Street we see a shadow moving towards us, and as it passes over the street the lights in the buildings it touches flicker and go out.  We need to get away from the shadow.  We turn up Chestnut street, run down Wall, the turn again on Deitz until we have come full circle and are on Main Street again.  Looking South East we see the shadow has crossed the intersection at Chestnut Street.  I feel a sense of dread and urgency. 

Now Main Street is not a street.  We are inside a sort of mall with restaurants and bars.  I now know there is an apartment on the second floor that is safe, my apartment, if I can get to it.

I take my strange and various companions and run into a restaurant. I see a waiter in a hipster garb; black jeans with a black shirt, sleeves cut off.  He is hairy and tattooed, with a thin mustache and side burns, and dreadlocked hair done up in a sort of bun.  I wait for him to finish taking an order from his table before pulling him aside to explain my plight.

“I need to get upstairs,” I whisper, trying not to alarm anyone. “I have an apartment up there, but… the shadow has already passed the door on the first floor.  Is there a back way through your restaurant?”

The waiter casts an unconcerned glance outside, noting the shadow moving closer, putting out lights as it goes.  He turns back to me and smiles. “Oh, I can get you upstairs.”  He winks, takes me by the arm and walks me to a table by the kitchen. “Sit and talk to these folks for a minute.  I’ll be right back.”

I sit at a table across from a man with dark hair, and a woman whose features I cannot discern.  The man reaches to the flowered centerpiece on the table and tears off 2 parts from the leaves in the arrangement.  He tears these pieces, folds them, flips them, and presents me a whole leaf.  The two pieces are now joined, but in a geometric shape, resting in the palm of his hand.

“That shadow,” he began, “will burn its way to the oldest parts of this world.  It will burn into Atlantis itself.”

He set the new leaf on the table before me, and continued to speak. “I need you to remember this, so I’m going to make you remember this.  Perhaps you will remember this because I say something that sticks in your mind.  You will remember this because I said… boom.”

The man then stands up, turns and walks out of the restaurant, leaving me and my companion(s) at the table with a faceless woman.


And then I woke up.

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