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By a thousand cuts

By a thousand cuts

18:16 26 July in Life

A bunch of little things do not a big thing make. Well not necessarily, like all the time. Many Legos can make a castle, and lots of pieces of metal, plastic and glass can make up a car. Many little things make a life of course, family, friends, a good job, hobbies and such.

But to my point, one small bad thing doesn’t mean you are having a bad time. Even many small bad things… In a row… Well it doesn’t make for an entirely bad time either.

My last three days have had some hiccups; one deer planted into the grill of my car, one bolt of lightning burned out my modem, one stomach bug, and now one dead, yet very precious computer. It does now feel like the universe is pulling on me. Just a wee bit.

But that is only a small fraction of my life right now. My family is of course beautiful, my friends are fun, my job, especially my projects of late are very rewarding. My stomach bug is gone, my car goes to the shop tomorrow, I’ve restored internet to the house, where I write this missive on a lovely Summer’s Eve from my deck. My big computer is still trashed…

But ya know what? I’ll deal with it another day.


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