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My name is Thomas, I’m a website designer and developer.  I studied illustration, fine arts, and graphic design as part of my schooling, and in life have studied technology of all sorts.  I was a teacher for graphic design and web development, an IT professional in a corporate environment, a photo editor for a photography studio, a freelance web contractor, but above all, I am a creative professional.

This site is my portfolio for the most part.  I have a nifty camera, a Canon 20D, and use it to capture life around me.  I have a big 500mm lens for the far away stuff, a macro lens for the close stuff, and a timer shutter release to play with.  I can (when i choose too and have the time to do so) draw, paint, sculpt, carve and build.

I’ve spent much of my adult life developing my technical abilities with computers, and now I’ve decided to return to more creative endeavors.

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