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By a thousand cuts

18:16 26 July in Life by Thomas

A bunch of little things do not a big thing make. Well not necessarily, like all the time. Many Legos can make a castle, and lots of pieces of metal, plastic and glass can make up a car. Many little things make a life of course, family, friends, a good job, hobbies and such. But to my point, one small bad thing doesn't mean you are having a bad time. Even many small bad things...

Dream Last Night

10:04 28 January in Dreams by Thomas

I rarely remember my dreams, unless they are startling or outright nightmares.  Last night I awoke at 4AM with this burned in my memory...

Catching up

14:49 17 October in Photography by Thomas

It has been a good deal of time since I made a post. I have been more busy with actual work-work than art or photography the past few months, but I still have my camera at my side I assure you....

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