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Home Improvements

Hi there!

16:13 30 July in Home Improvements, Life by Thomas

I've done a lot since the last update, mostly surrounding my house. I'm continually beaten and bruised, but I for some reason am still running. While our previously mentioned renovations are in process, I've set about cleaning and ordering the property. A high water mark was hit the weekend before last at our yard sale. I've never seen so many people on this street before. Most of the things we pulled from or attic and barn to that point were put out for sale, and we did great. I'd been preparing for it since May when we could start work for the season. This just served to further clear the house and barn for more work. Work(work) is good. I'm a video editor for the time being, which is fun, although stressful on the machine. I just upgraded to a second Xeon CPU with a total of 22Gbs of RAM. Hopefully things will start going smoother, and I'm happy to say that it has so far tested well. I had a rush coding job last week, and was thrilled with that. I miss life in the text editor. The baby is good, although with the projects running around the house I don't get to see her much. I made the most of my time with the kids this past weekend. The projects should mostly terminate soon. I hope to spend the rest of the summer holding my girl, going on adventures with my boy, having the occasional cookout,...

Well, hello world, how have you been?

21:51 08 July in General, Home Improvements, Life, Restoration by Thomas

Just a general update, because I've been stuck in the real world for a while. [caption id="attachment_392" align="alignright" width="215"] Stoat. This is that picture.[/caption] On Father's Day my daughter Henrietta Eleanor Hall was born, a heck of a present.  The birth was very quick.  A very efficient baby I must say.  My wife did well, and was up and around quickly after only a few hours labor.   I took a week off to be with her and my children, in addition to continuing renovations on our house.  My son and I had a lot of fun, visiting the Rogers Environmental Education Center, and seeing Monster University on opening day. Rogers was fantastic.  I love that my son gets so excited about nature.  After we fed the fish the first time, we did the Visitors Center, where they had on display all of the wild life indigenous to Upstate New York.  There after we walked one of the trails around the swamp.  Towards the end we surprised a stoat, who ran around our feet, up a tree by my head, then shot up the path (all while i was fumbling to get my iPhone out of my pocket, so no pics.  Here however is the Wikipedia article for Stoat.  Enjoy!).  You seriously can't buy that moment. My son has seemed to have adjusted well to his new sibling.  But he is a loving boy, and I knew that he would.  And Etta is just...

Lamp Update

16:31 06 June in Home Improvements by Thomas

(totally not server related) The refinished lamps from my previous post(Rebuilt light fixtures) are now up on the wall of our new bedroom!  Check em out. [gallery ids="356,355"]...

Rebuilt light fixtures

17:49 09 May in Crafts, Home Improvements by Thomas

As part of the home improvement projects in the run up to the new baby, I rebuilt 2 light fixtures for our new master bedroom. Its hard to say how old they are.  They've been in the house my entire life.  Looking for lights like them, or alternate arms for them, proved useless.  The bases I think are tin.  The arms are brass, and quite ornate.  Pictured here is one left over light.  As you'll see, the socket is inverted in this one, unlike the other two. [singlepic id=7 w=320 h=240 float=center] And as is typical in this blasted house, we see the dreaded cloth covered wire.  At least unlike some of the other fixtures in the house it doesn't have cork insulation. So, we decided to paint them, and I decided while I was at it, I was going to replace the wires and sockets.  And what we ended up with is: [singlepic id=3 w=320 h=240 float=center] I think they turned out pretty well. Originally, they had brass tassle-shapped pieces hanging from the bottoms.  But alas, only one remained (I swear I've seen the second one about the house some where...