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Tom’s Day Off – Part 1

11:53 27 May in Photography by Thomas

I took the Tuesday off after Memorial Day, and decided to use it for something creative. I've an array of options in this regard, but photography was the option I choose around 10 in the morning, after having enough coffee to get my mind moving. I'll be presenting this in 3 parts, this part being No Plan....

Too much horsing around

21:57 11 May in Photography by Thomas

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]What do you get when you take a camera that fires like a machine gun to a horse clinic?  Too many pictures of horses. Continuing my work with Mill Street Stables, a week ago I took some shots of a clinic they hosted.   And by some, I mean about 4,000+.  I, along with the good people at Mill Street, wish I were exaggerating, but no, that sounds about right.   My eyes are notably bigger than my stomach, but not bigger than my camera card.  That camera card is great for time lapse projects, but might offer a touch more freedom than I should have at an event. (I did get one good painting out of it however.) I did get to play with all of my lens, scout different angles, and even learn not to appear as a 'monster' to the horses. (Now if I could only learn that with people...

Walking around

07:55 30 April in Photography by Thomas

The other afternoon while going about my day at work, errands, then home, I had my camera around my neck. You look at the world differently after you do this for a while....

Light Painting

12:05 29 April in Photography by Thomas

What do you need for light painting? A few friends, a camera with a shutter release cable, a tripod, a few flashlights, and a really really dark place....

Time and Again

08:00 28 April in Photography, Timelapse by Thomas

Towards the end of my vacation last week I started more heavy experimentation with Time Lapse Photography. Presented here are 2 videos; Thursday April 23rd 2015, and Friday April 24th 2015....

Family fun with Photography

21:41 27 April in Photography by Thomas

This is Cyrus. He's my son. He is 6. He likes Star Wars, Minecraft, nature, his Mom, his little sister, and anything I'm interested in. When he saw me take out the ol' Pentax K1000 (More on that later...