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Thomas Stuart Hall

It’s about time

17:14 22 April in Photography, Timelapse by Thomas

For whatever reason I've always been fascinated by time. Time passes inexorably, the rate constant, but the perception of its passing is left to the viewer. Time flies when one is having fun, but a watched pot never boils....

Moon rise

20:52 09 January in Photography, Timelapse by Thomas

[vc_row][vc_column width="1/1"][vc_column_text] This is a very short timed project, as my camera literally froze during the shoot.  I was scared it was done for, but after a night at room temperature, it started working again just fine. [/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height="32px"][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width="1/2"][vc_video link=""][/vc_column][vc_column width="1/2"][/vc_column][/vc_row]...

Like a ’57 Chevy

11:46 07 February in Conversations, Conversations with Al by Thomas

My friend Alison has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. We live several hundred miles apart, so I don't get to see her, but we have IM. My self appointed task is to offer encouragement, lend an ear, and make her laugh if I can. Making Al laugh sometimes requires that you get a little 'blue'. Thomas: how ya doin? Alison: ok i was very sad last night but im ok now Thomas: its ok to be sad, but your situation isn't hopeless. i'd say your in a pretty good position really Alison: i made the mistake of googleing reconstructive breast surgery techniques Thomas: oh no. thats not helpful Alison: the possibility of not having nipples kinda freaked me out Thomas: wait, you don't get nipples? Alison: sometimes Thomas: i see that it comes after the breast reconstruction Alison: yeah Thomas: you'll get your tatas back, then they work in the nipples Alison: which is weird i asked bill if i can just get pasties tattoed on and forget about the nipples Thomas: well, at that point they are just ornemental you could get fins maybe. like a '57 chevy Alison: LOL no stars would work Thomas: ooo...

90’s Eurotrash Post-Grunge (term)

13:06 31 January in Conversations, Conversations with Tracey by Thomas

Sometimes my wife and I have funny conversations. I'm going to start sharing them, because otherwise this blog will just gather dust really. This conversation was over her disappointment in my posting a song on Facebook that she intended to post to me. Tracey Hall: you ass-that was my power ballad-i was just about to post it to you lol Thomas Stuart Hall: aw I used that one for Brian cause he just got laid off Tracey A. Hall: brian who? we know a few mandy's brian? Thomas Stuart Hall: brian taylor. a friend from college. I met him through Adam. you've never met. but he's a really nice guy and used to wear leather pants of course, now we're middle aged, and thats not an option i'll regret that i never owned a pair Tracey A. Hall: i don't - i love our kids Thomas Stuart Hall: he's had a kid post pants they weren't really form fitting more 90's euro-trash post grunge sort of thing Tracey A. Hall: lolol Thomas Stuart Hall: if that is such a thing. i kinda pulled that one out my ass Tracey A. Hall: that's not a thing Thomas Stuart Hall: i didn't think it was oh well well, i could create a wikipedia article and make it a thing...

A much better month

19:22 15 November in Life by Thomas

Since my last update, there have been several changes for the better concerning my circumstances.  I've moved my family into a far better living situation, in an absolutely gorgeous house (rental).  This place has all the trimmings, and is really an elegant and roomy home for us all. At work I've had the time to devote to my biggest project, although it is not without its difficulties.  I'm currently rewriting a financial analysis system that we call The Benchmarking system.  It does charts and graphs of related to operating a business, allowing us to advise people on how to manage their endeavors.  My struggles here come from having to take older code meant for one set of technology, and adapt it into another. Originally this project was supposed to be a 'brain transplant'; putting the core functions of the system into a newer body.  However, as these things tend to go, its ended up being more of a rewrite than I had intended.  Its frustrating, but the newer technology is much more efficient, and user friendly.  This is Version 3 of the system, and I'm very hopeful, if not excited, that it will be received well. The system does more than charts and graphs, and while I have expanded on that aspect of it, I've also been working to augmenting its other functions for usability.  I don't go into this work in too much detail, as the system is closed to select customers, but my focus here is on an excellent mobile experience,...

My very bad month

21:49 02 October in General, Hosting, Life by Thomas

Oh, the trial and tribulations I have faced in the past 6 week. The course of the last month alone has been fraught with technical issues, but hark! I think they are finally over. It all started with our last host, a company in Ohio, that turned out to be not so good. I need a LAMP server you see, and my company's site requires one that is rather powerful due to the things that we do. It was good...