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Like a ’57 Chevy

11:46 07 February in Conversations, Conversations with Al by Thomas

My friend Alison has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. We live several hundred miles apart, so I don't get to see her, but we have IM. My self appointed task is to offer encouragement, lend an ear, and make her laugh if I can. Making Al laugh sometimes requires that you get a little 'blue'. Thomas: how ya doin? Alison: ok i was very sad last night but im ok now Thomas: its ok to be sad, but your situation isn't hopeless. i'd say your in a pretty good position really Alison: i made the mistake of googleing reconstructive breast surgery techniques Thomas: oh no. thats not helpful Alison: the possibility of not having nipples kinda freaked me out Thomas: wait, you don't get nipples? Alison: sometimes Thomas: i see that it comes after the breast reconstruction Alison: yeah Thomas: you'll get your tatas back, then they work in the nipples Alison: which is weird i asked bill if i can just get pasties tattoed on and forget about the nipples Thomas: well, at that point they are just ornemental you could get fins maybe. like a '57 chevy Alison: LOL no stars would work Thomas: ooo...