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Catching up

14:49 17 October in Photography by Thomas

It has been a good deal of time since I made a post. I have been more busy with actual work-work than art or photography the past few months, but I still have my camera at my side I assure you....

HDR Testing

08:14 04 June in Photography by Thomas

I heard something a few weeks ago while talking about photography at my favorite hangout; that no camera can replicate the human eye. ...

Tom’s Day Off – Part 2

12:03 28 May in Photography by Thomas

In part 1, I was out and about without a plan. In this part I did have a plan! This means nothing of course, because, and I want to be clear here, I have no idea what I'm doing most of the time....

Tom’s Day Off – Part 1

11:53 27 May in Photography by Thomas

I took the Tuesday off after Memorial Day, and decided to use it for something creative. I've an array of options in this regard, but photography was the option I choose around 10 in the morning, after having enough coffee to get my mind moving. I'll be presenting this in 3 parts, this part being No Plan....

Walking around

07:55 30 April in Photography by Thomas

The other afternoon while going about my day at work, errands, then home, I had my camera around my neck. You look at the world differently after you do this for a while....