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Light Painting

12:05 29 April in Photography by Thomas

What do you need for light painting? A few friends, a camera with a shutter release cable, a tripod, a few flashlights, and a really really dark place....

Time and Again

08:00 28 April in Photography, Timelapse by Thomas

Towards the end of my vacation last week I started more heavy experimentation with Time Lapse Photography. Presented here are 2 videos; Thursday April 23rd 2015, and Friday April 24th 2015....

It’s about time

17:14 22 April in Photography, Timelapse by Thomas

For whatever reason I've always been fascinated by time. Time passes inexorably, the rate constant, but the perception of its passing is left to the viewer. Time flies when one is having fun, but a watched pot never boils....